Helping you ensure your interior is designed to improve efficiency, productivity and profitability

How do we do this?

As interior design consultants, we spend time getting to know you and analysing your organisation, its goals and its ethos. We study your target customers or clients and design your interior to meet and then exceed their expectations.

We have over 30 years’ experience in the public, corporate, professional, healthcare, hospitality and retail sectors.

Our Emphasis for 2024

How inclusive are your premises? We are all used to seeing wheelchairs accommodated in the public, hospitality and retail sectors. But what about all the invisible disabilities that you may not recognise?
It makes good business sense to embrace everyone’s needs and we have accumulated the knowledge and design skills to help you do this. Please see inclusive design.

Business & Property Analysis

Feasibilty Studies

Concept Designs

Design Development & Specification

Interior Reviews & Strategies

Project Management

COVID – 19

The coronavirus pandemic has changed everything. We have yet to see how many enterprises will return to what they were before. Their requirement for and use of premises is largely unknown.

For those planning to return to existing premises, you will be making your workplace safe and conforming to government guidelines. Risk assessments will need to be undertaken to ensure meticulous hygiene, adequate ventilation and workplace practices that are flexible to adapt as restrictions ease.

For those relocating or starting a new venture, it is the perfect opportunity to create a compliant interior from scratch that everyone will have confidence in.

Our interior design discipline will run concurrent with this new health precedent from now on.

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